E09 - Annie Austen: "No seriously, I don't want kids."

In this Episode, I sit down and chat with Annie Austen, Senior Recruiter by day: Lifestyle Blogger by night. On a topic that can sometimes seem to create the same anxiety as discussing politics, we talk about our choice to Not have kids and the puzzled 'I don't understand' faces we get when we say "Oh, no I don't want children." (insert GASP!)

We answer a lot of great listener questions about our reasons why, what our families think, are we afraid we'll change our minds, will we regret it, and how to not lose your sh*t when someone tries to force a human baby on you and says "You'll change your mind. It's different when it's yours". Annie shares her thoughts on how she believes having kids isn't necessarily the only way you can find fulfillment in your life and how she handles the kickback from those who may not agree.

Grab a drink, kick your feet up....let's chat!

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