E07 - Molly Buchanan - "All the Swerves: Adopting baby Jack"

In Episode 07, I sat with Molly Buchanan and got to know a little more about the woman behind the blog, www.crowningglory.blog.

The stories in this podcast are all about peoples Swerves, and wow has she had to swerve around some major life roadblocks. Between fighting (and beating) uterine cancer, to then having to face two years of infertility, she is the epitome of what strength, hope and gratitude look like. Her journey ultimately led her and her husband Chad to the greatest gift of all…the adoption of baby Jack, short for Jack Attack obviously.

You will hear about the roadblocks she faced, how she handled the emotions of each swerve, the weirdest drink she tried during her infertility, and also some step by step tips & what to expect with the adoption process and even a few resources she used throughout. Every swerve had it’s purpose….

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