6 Pairs of Mens Gift Box Calf Socks 

* 6 Pairs of Mens Gift Box Socks. You will recieve 2 Boxes that include 3 Pairs in each box
* Box is a wacky red, orange and blue cheque to make your gift extra crazy.
* 4 Different Variants are avaliable , all with their own vibrant and unique colours and patterns.
* All socks have a coloured heel and toe.
* All socks are of high quality and come with comfortable toe seams.
* It is advised to wash similar colours together.
* Organised by the Soxinnabox strap.
* 98% Polyester 2% Elastane
* Size 6-11 UK 39-45 Eur 7-12 US

6 Pairs Mens Patterned Dress Socks

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