About me…& the swerve effect

This podcast is all about the inside personal stories of the Swervers. I sit down to have honest & empowering conversations with not just business owners, artists, bloggers, moms, non-profits founders, wellness educators, designers and more, who have swerved off course & followed their vision/dream, but Also those who are breaking the 'rules' of the template life by following the lifestyle that works for them, and how those that have swerved around real-life situations didn't totally die from them. 

All designed to guide you truthfully, emotionally and soulfully in creating a plan of action to take the leap towards the life that suits you, navigate through ‘shit your pants’ roadblocks, and brush off other peoples perceptions & expectations on how your life should be lived.

Talk Soon… Oh wait About me,

Listen to Epidsode 1. I’m totes interasante’.

Oh hey, love you too… Now go do you.

Oh hey, love you too… Now go do you.